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The Opening Ceremony of Establishing Department of Chinese Branches between Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Centre for Chinese Studies Was Held in Germany 2013-04-18
Prof. Liu Da-jun Led a Scholar Group and Attended Academic Seminars, Held at Taiwan 2013-01-12
Conference for the Formation and Development of Yi-ology and Neo-Confucianism Was Held in Shandong University 2012-09-06
Prof. Liu Dajun Came back with High Prize and Prospecting the Studies of Confucian Classics 2012-06-27
The Second workshop for "Holographic Image of Grand Yi" project held in SDU 2012-05-03
The first Seminar of Century I Ching held in ShanDong University 2012-01-03
The International Conference on the Early Formation and Evolution of Yi-ology Was Held at Jinan 2011-10-18
Professor Liu Dajun and Associate Professor Zhang Wenzhi Carried on Academic Exchanges in French and Gemany 2011-08-06
Prof. Liu Dajun and Associate Professer Zhang Wenzhi Visited Switzerland 2010-12-09
An Important Academic Project: 20th Century Yi-ology Documents Sorting The Essence Collection of Yi-ology in the 20th Century 2010-10-22
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