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Professor Liu Dajun and Associate Professor Zhang Wenzhi Carried on Academic Exchanges in French and Gemany



   From July 4 th to 13 th , professor Liu Dajun and associate professor Zhang Wenzhi went to attend the 17 th International Chinese Philosophy Conference in Paris and then went to Erlangen-N¨¹rnberg university for the academic exchanges and cooperations.

   From 4 th to 8 th , professor Liu and associate professor Zhang attended the 17 th International Chinese Philosophy Conference which was held by EHESS and ISCP at EHESS in Paris . Professor Liu submitted his paper Confucius, the Zhouyi and Its Divination .In the paper, the relationship between Confucius and the Zhouyi is combed systematically based on related excavated materials, and received attentions from the scholars at the conference. Associated professor Zhang presented his paper On the Philosophy of Nature and Destiny Conceived in the Zhouyi which discussed deep on the philosophy of nature and destiny in the Zhouyi with the related theories in the Yizhuan , the Great Learning and the Doctrine of Means . It has an important inspiration for us to understand the philosophical essence in the Zhouyi.

   From 9 th to 13 th , professor Liu and associate professor Zhang went to visit the Institute for Humanities at Erlangen-N¨¹rnberg university. Professor Michael Lackner president of the institute, once led ten scholars to visit the Zhouyi Center for the academic exchanges in April 2010 and signed a cooperation agreement with the Zhouyi Center . To achieve a substantive cooperation, professor Michael Lackner invited professor Liu to the institute to discuss a further cooperation. The both sides drew up the subjects on exchangign visiting scholars, doctors and so on. This visiting promotes the international academic studies and communication.


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