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Conference for the Formation and Development of Yi-ology and
Neo-Confucianism Was Held in Shandong University



    August 18 to 19, 2012, the Conference for the formation and development of Yi-ology and Neo-Confucianism was held in Shandong University (SDU). The conference was organized by Center for Zhouyi and Ancient Chinese Philosophy SDU, Chinese Learned Society of Zhouyi. Around 40 professors and scholars from more than 10 universities and research institutes attended the conference, as Fudan University, Wuhan University, Huazhong Science and Technology University, Shandong University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shandong Academy of Social Sciences.


   SDU tenured professor, the president of Chinese Learned Society of Zhouyi, Mr. Liu Dajun made an opening speech. He said, it had been known for a long time that the relation between Yi-ology and Neo-Confucianism is an important issue in the history of Yi study and Neo-Confucianism. While specifically, what is the role of Yi-ology on the development of Neo-Confucianism, how did Yi-ology affect Neo-Confucianism on its cosmology、mind/heart-ology、axiology、practice theory, what is the significance for the ideology and values of Neo-Confucianism, and what is the specific idea among Neo-Confucianists. On the other hand, how did Neo-Confucianism affect Yi-ology and other classic theories. The series of issues has not been researched thoroughly, and some of the fields have even not been touched. All of which should be paid attention to by Yi-ology scholars.


    This conference focused on the formation and development of Yi-ology and Neo-Confucianism as well as issues concerned. The scholars present expressed their point views on Yi-ology and Neo-Confucianism and other issues.




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